The Buzzards are Back for WaKeeney’s 2021 “Buzzard Bash”

Ah, spring!

Such a wonderful season. The air is fresh, the flowers are blooming, and the buzzards are back in town!

This year, we’re celebrating our well-weathered, black-feathered friends by welcoming them back to WaKeeney at the very first “Buzzard Bash” hosted by the Trego County Chamber.

Join us on Saturday, April 24th at 8:30am when the citizens of our county come to Downtown WaKeeney for the all-day, FREE event with activities for the entire family.

5K Poker Fun Run: A Footrace for the Best Hand (starts at 8am)

Head to the starting line with your game face on for a 5K Poker Fun Run. Hit the bricks with other runners on a five-kilometer route around WaKeeney. Along the way, pick up a playing card and add it to your hand. At the end of the race, we’ll find out who is the fastest runner and who was the luckiest at cards. Runners can register for the race through the Trego County Recreation Center

Wake Up the Kids! (starts at 9am)

Come on down to Courthouse Square for a morning of fun and games for the kids! Get that energy out early by letting them join in with their peers for running and jumping while they play organized games.   

Going on an Egg Hunt (10am to 4pm)

The buzzards have been busy since they’ve come back to roost—one even laid an egg! Keep your eye on the Chamber’s Facebook page for updates and clues that will help you find the black buzzard egg that is hidden somewhere in Downtown WaKeeney. Each half hour a new clue will be posted to help you be the first to claim the winning prize. 

WaKeeney Buzzard Bash

The Sights, Tastes, and Smells of Our Vendor Fair (10am to 4pm)

Hone your five senses in on the great products sold by Trego County’s local vendors. You won’t be able to resist the great sights, scents, and prices of our innovative business owners.

Beer Garden (Noon to 11:30pm)

Raise a pint to welcome the return of WaKeeney’s buzzards! The beer garden will be open all day to quench your thirst. Enjoy the first round with a treat from one of the vendors for lunch, then end the day with one at the street dance that night. 

Yippy-a-yea! It’s the Bicycle Rodeo! (12pm)

Saddle up, little cow-kids, and ride on over to the Trego County Sheriff’s Department’s “Bicycle Rodeo!” The annual bike safety and fun event has joined up with the Buzzard Bash to give kids an opportunity to try out their skills, learn bike safety tips, and get together with other bike riders. Mosey on over to Courthouse Square at high noon to get your little buckaroos to the Bike Rodeo! 

Stock Up at the Supermarket Sweep (9:30am)

Just like the popular game show, a Supermarket Sweep contestant gets the chance to fill their cart with anything they grab within minutes inside the aisles of Malay’s Market. Race up and down the aisle for the cost of a $5 per one raffle ticket or five tickets for $20. The winning ticketholder will get five minutes to fill his cart, with one of those minutes in their meat department. Swoop in on that juicy steak or load up on fresh fruits and vegetables! Call Pasha at Malay’s Market for more information.

Hit the Brakes at the Buzzard Bash Car Show (10am to 2pm)

Roll on down the highway to the Buzzard Bash Car Show in Downtown WaKeeney to enjoy the beautiful designs and details of the road’s best restored vehicles. Car enthusiasts come from across the state to display their antique and vintage cars. This event is sponsored by Dreher Automotive and the Route 283 Cruisers. 

Horseshoe and Washer Tournaments (1pm to 4pm)

Come on, get lucky at the Horseshoe and Washer Tournament! The Trego County Recreation Center is hosting a Horseshoe and Washer Tournaments in Courthouse Square for all those backyard gamers.  

Free BBQ Feed (5pm to 7pm)

Beat back the hunger pains with a burger at the free community barbeque! Get in line for a delicious burger or hot dog and sit down with your fellow citizens for a meal of good food and great conversation with friends. The BBQ is hosted by the Chamber and served on a first come, first serve basis to the first 350 people, so hurry on over! 

Paramount on the Bricks (8pm to 11:30pm)

Come dancing at the Buzzard Bash street dance! Paramount, the ‘80s rock tribute band, will be playing all the hits on Saturday night. Now’s your chance to break out your vintage neon shirts and tease out that hair while you dance to the music of Journey, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and more!

Look for the Buzzards

Before the day is over, take a cruise around the city and try to find the lucky homes that were the last ones to get “flocked” with black buzzard yard pins. Our Buzzard Bash festival is only one of two in the entire country and we welcome anyone who wants to join us for fun and festivities in Downtown WaKeeney! 

Please adhere to the current social distancing and mask mandates throughout the day. Call the Trego County Chamber for more information.

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