The Trego County Recreation Center Hosts Two Great Events in April

Get out your calendars because WaKeeney will really be hopping this month, with great community-sponsored events!

Trego - Easter Hunt 

Spring has sprung, and that means the Easter Bunny will soon be delivering his beautiful eggs to our kids at the Annual Easter Egg Hunt in Downtown WaKeeney!

Trego - Easter Hunt1

The hunt begins this Saturday, April 15th at 10:30am at the Trego County Courthouse Square with five different age groups taking turns searching the grounds for those colorful, candy-filled eggs our kids crave. The event is open to all kids, with groups of toddlers to two year olds, threes and fours, five and six year olds, ages seven and eight and nine and ten year olds taking turns searching the grounds. Bring your own basket or bag and stick around after the eggs have all been found to receive additional prizes, including a gift certificate for a free ice cream cone from our local McDonalds.

 Trego - Health Fair

Come out on Saturday, April 22nd to meet with the doctors, nurses and staff from Trego County Lemke Memorial Hospital and the WaKeeney and Ellis Family Care Centers when they present the Health Fair 2017.

Trego - Health Fair1

Hosted by the Trego County Recreation Commission, this event is aimed at promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. Many areas of health will be represented; counseling, blood pressure checks and massage therapy, stress, weight, skin and chiropractic screenings, and cholesterol and diabetes testing (be sure to fast for twelve hours prior for the best chance at a good reading). You will also have a chance to uncover your “Health Age.” This will provide you with an overview of how your health measures up according to others in your age group.

The Trego Lemke Memorial Hospital’s “Health Fair 2017” will run from 8am to 11am on Saturday, April 22nd at the Trego County Recreation Commission office at 512 Caroline Avenue You can find out more by calling the hospital or either the WaKeeney or Ellis clinics.

Trego - HealthFair_2017


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