Bicycle Broncs Ride the Range at Cedar Bluff State Park

Trego - Cedar Bluff Bike Rodeo.jpg

Saddle up bicycle cowboys and girls, and get ready for the Bike Rodeo at Cedar Bluff State Park this Saturday, September 24th!

Park officials are celebrating National Bike In Your Park Day with a morning dedicated to the joys of bicycling and the safety needed to make all your two-wheeled journeys memorable experiences.


The event begins at 9am in the Overland Campground parking lot where officers from the Trego County police force will be on hand to provide bicycle safety inspections and school bicyclists of all ages in on and off road safety.


Once you’ve got the basics down take your bike and head out on the trail! We have paved trails for leisurely rides and a BMX course for the thrill seekers. The Agave Ridge Trail is a great ride, taking you through beautiful natural settings where you’re sure to see an abundance of wildlife.


Join us Saturday, September 24th from 9am to 11am at Cedar Bluff State Park’s Bike Rodeo! Children will need to be accompanied by an adult and everyone must bring their own bike and helmet in order to participate. Vehicle permits are still required to get into the park and you can register for the event when you purchase your permit. And, don’t miss out on registering to win a bike in their drawing!


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