Take WaKeeney’s Subway to Your Next Lunch Hour

Living in Trego County gives us a chance to enjoy beautiful commutes every morning when we head out in our car to go to work. Open roads and calming vistas are our car pool passengers and the conversation is just what we choose it to be. It’s a good way to start the workday, but you’re going to need a great lunch to go with it. That’s your cue to turn into the WaKeeney Subway.


Everyone loves a Subway sandwich. Fresh baked bread, a wide selection of meats and cheeses and you’re choice of vegetables sets you up for a lunch packed with powerful nutrients to get you through the second half of your day.

2016-08-29 19.40.33.jpg

Subway has the carb conscious people covered, too, with salad versions of your favorite sandwiches. My favorite is the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, which is delicious in a sandwich or a bowl. Get started finding your favorite sandwich, or go rouge and choose your own combination of ingredients. Subway’s sandwich specialists will take you down the line and fill your order with flavor.

2016-08-29 19.23.33.jpg

Add a bag of chips and a cookie to your sandwich and you’re bag of goodies will be a midday treat that you’ll soon be wanting every weekday. And for those of you whose workday starts before sun-up, Subway now offers breakfasts. Sizzlin’ bacon and eggs and melted cheese served up on toasted flatbread or a bun can be taken to the next level with a layer of juicy tomatoes or spicy jalapeños.

Trego - Subway.JPG

Next time you jump into your car to head to work, don’t forget to grab a sandwich at your favorite Subway shop at I-70’s Exit 127 in WaKeeney and bring some freshness to your workday lunch.

3 thoughts on “Take WaKeeney’s Subway to Your Next Lunch Hour

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