A Relaxing Labor Day Spent at Cedar Bluff State Park

Sunshine warms you and a wisp of a breeze carries the first scent of fall. The birds are chirping as waves roll across a sandy beach. So often this is the daydream we imagine as we sit behind a desk. It’s a paradise we believe is a million miles away, but not this Labor Day weekend!

Trego - Cedar Bluff6

Photo courtesy of Cedar Bluff State Park

Cedar Bluff State Park is the perfect place to recharge this Labor Day weekend. With the amount of rain we’ve had this year the water is high, the bluffs are green and the wildflowers have brightened up the landscape.

Trego - Cedar Bluff4

Photo courtesy of Cedar Bluff State Park

There’s plenty of open water for jet skiing, wind-surfing, wake boarding, swimming, and fishing.

Trego - Cedar Bluff3

Photo courtesy of Cedar Bluff State Park

Agave Ridge Trail on the lake’s south shore will be open for people who are looking to get close to nature on an even, open trail, and birders have a great chance to spot some of their favorite species at Page Creek.

Trego - Cedar Bluff6

Photo courtesy of Cedar Bluff State Park

Bring your picnic basket. There are plenty of spaces to sit down together with family and friends to enjoy a bite under the shade of a tree.

Trego - Cedar Bluff7

Photo courtesy of Cedar Bluff State Park

Our campgrounds will be lively with the great people who’ve made Cedar Bluff their home away from home all summer long. You’ll find a sandy beach area and a full service shower house there, making it one of the park’s most active spots.

Cedar Bluff Maximilian sunflowers

Photo courtesy of Cedar Bluff State Park

Stop to smell the Maximilian sunflowers. They are a bright spark of color just outside the door of the rentable cabins and they beautifully compliment the blue water of Cedar Bluff.

Trego - Cedar Bluff copy.jpg

Photo courtesy of WaKeeney.org

At the end of the day, take in the awe-inspiring site of a Western Kansas sunset. Our state is famous for being one of the best places in the world to watch this amazing daily event, and we couldn’t agree more.

This Labor Day give yourself a break by spending the day outside at Cedar Bluff State Park. It’s the perfect ending to this amazing summer!


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