Put Your Talents to the Test at the Trego County Free Fair

Trego - Fair1Everyone has a hidden talent. Gardening, baking, arts and crafts. Maybe you’ve raised a calf or built a rocket. At the 2016 Trego County Free Fair you can show off your talents in a weeklong series of friendly competition.

Trego - 4-H FFA Open Class5.jpg

This is the 106th year of the Trego County Free Fair and the 4-H, FFA, and Open Class exhibitions are honoring that long history with competitions that will be “Plowing Up the Past & Blasting Into the Future.”

Trego - 4-H FFA Open Class4

From animal husbandry to astronomy, this year’s range of categories illustrates the broad spectrum of interests the people of our county pursue.

Trego - 4-H FFA Open Class7.jpg

In the arenas you can witness the mastery of man over beast at the livestock shows and riding exhibitions.

Trego - 4-H FFA Open Class1.jpg

And, in our historic Trego County Exhibition Hall and the 4-H Building anxious competitors will be sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting to see who will receive the Grand Champion ribbon for projects they’ve been working on throughout the year.

Trego - 4-H FFA Open Class8

Please join us, as a competitor, a witness, or both, at the many competitions that will take place during the Trego County Free Fair from Tuesday, July 26th to Sunday, July 31st.* The Official Schedule will keep you up to date on where to find your favorites, and if you want to enter a project of your own you can find out more information in the Trego County Fair Book.

*The 4-H Construction and Buymanship Judging and the Public Style Review at the Methodist Church will be held on Friday, July 22nd.

Trego - 4-H FFA Open Class3.jpg


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