Enjoying All-American Comfort Food at the Tiger Lily Diner

People across the nation love the classic 1950s diner experience. Vinyl and chrome seating, black, white tiled floors, and bright, neon lights harken back to the days when burgers and fries became a staple of the American menu. At the Tiger Lily Diner, 222 N 4th St. in downtown WaKeeney, Gwen Richeson created a menu full of the same recpes we all grew up loving, and some regional favorites, too!

Trego - Tiger Lily9.jpg

Let your tastes buds enjoy a jaunt down memory lane with a hamburger made from locally sourced beef, fresh vegetables and a fresh-from-the-oven bun. Gwen is devoted to serving the best quality foods available and offers gluten-free and sugar-free options, too.

Trego - Tiger Lily Diner7.JPG

A special option on the menu is also a regional favorite; the bierock. A mixture of ground beef, seasoned cabbage and sour kraut baked inside a pocket of homemade bread, it’s a Volga German “hot pocket.”

Trego - Tiger Lily3The Tiger Lily’s menu offers a traditional version called the “Classic”, but there are also reinvented versions, like Pepperoni, Sloppy Joe, Bacon Cheeseburger, or a Ham n’ Cheese that melts onto your plate when you cut into it. And, don’t leave without asking Gwen about her special custom orders so you can take that great taste home to your table.

Trego - Tiger Lily4

Of course, no meal in a diner would be complete without enjoying a sweet tooth satisfying dessert! Homemade pies, cakes and cookies are always on the menu and Gwen is happy to whip something special up in her kitchen for you to take home for your own table.

Trego - Tiger Lily Diner

Next time you are craving that great all-American meal, with a twist of the Great Plains, stop by the Tiger Lily Diner and say hello to Gwen Richerson. She’ll be happy to help you conquer that craving with the great recipes she grew up with.



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