A Tour of Three WaKeeney Churches

Spring has arrived in Trego County, and that means Easter Sunday is just around the corner. Altogether, there are close to twenty church congregations practicing their faith within Trego County’s borders. Many of them are housed in beautiful buildings with interesting architectural features and histories dating back to WaKeeney’s earliest history. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Trego - Christ the King.jpg

Christ the King Parish ∗ 412 N. 9th St.
As a child, I spent the majority of my Sundays in Christ the King Catholic Church, a mid-century style church built for the many Volga German Roman Catholics who had been migrating to Trego County since the turn of the century. During mass my attention would always be drawn to the four beautiful two-story stained glass windows that depict the Bible stories in all the colors of the rainbow. At night, when the nave is lit for an evening mass the light streaming through the windows causes them glow like jewels against its rust-colored stone exterior.

Trego - Presbyterian Church.jpg           Trego - Presbyterian Church1.jpg

The Presbyterian Church ∗ 322 N 6th St.
The Presbyterian Church was one of the first organized congregations in WaKeeney, with services first being held in the home of one of its members. In July 1888, the original building was dedicated and the congregation found its permanent home. It was one those great Victorian buildings, with gables and peaked roofs but, sadly, it was later lost to a fire. Now a beautiful brick building stands in as their place of worship, but inside its doors the dark woods, hidden nooks and crannies, and soaring ceilings harken back to the original Victorian church that was erected by WaKeeney’s first settlers.


The First United Methodist Church ∗ 500 Summit Ave. 
The First United Methodist Church sits at the northernmost end point on WaKeeney’s Main Street. As you near the building you’ll see that the most promenent feature on this mid-century structure is its four story, multi-colored stained glass window that creates a very impressive image when the church is active at night. Inside, the decor continues the modern look, with rich, warm woods and sleek lines in many of its architectural features.

Trego - United Methodist Church_Interior Window.jpg

Visit one of WaKeeney’s churches today and enjoy the beautiful and inspired features found in these three places of worship in Trego County!

Leave a comment below if you’d like to have your place of worship profiled on the Trego County Tourism Blog.


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