Calling All Coyote Hunters to the “Smoky Hill Calling Contest”

Calling All Coyote Hunters to the “Smoky Hill Calling Contest”

Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

“2009-Coyote-Yosemite” by Yathin S Krishnappa – Own work.

Man against beast. It’s the ultimate test of skill that has brought hunters to Trego County since the first humans roamed these prairies. In our modern times, it’s also an opportunity to manage the wildlife population in order to maintain the balance of nature and support ranchers’ efforts to protect their livestock. This Saturday, January 9th the first annual Smoky Hill Calling Contest will put those efforts into practice with an organized hunt that promises to help those conservation efforts, while at the same time giving hunters a chance to hone their coyote tracking skills.

A coyote-calling contest utilizes camouflages, tracking, and calling techniques that are meant to outsmart a coyote’s elusive and wary instincts within a predetermined time. Hunters typically locate key positions on hunting grounds then engage with the coyotes to bring them out of their hiding spots and into shooting range. Contests are found throughout the Midwest and has become a national hunting pastime that benefits local farmers and ranchers and is a challenge for hunters of all ages.

The Smoky Hill Calling Contest will run from sun up to sun down this Saturday, January 9th, and hunters should meet in front of Mike’s Place on 6th Street in downtown WaKeeney at 5:30am to begin the hunt. Make sure to get your entry in by Friday, January 8th at 7pm to be eligible for the hunt. Prizes will be awarded at a sponsored dinner held that evening, with a guaranteed payout of $500 for first place, as well as youth prizes. All entry fees collected will go towards youth hunting programs held in Trego County.

Trego - Smokey Hill Calling Contest


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