A Hunter’s Paradise at the Butterfield Trail Bunkhouse

It’s morning and the sun is just about to escape the eastern horizon. A light frost is melting and hundreds of birds are filling the prairie with their unique calls. That’s your alarm clock when you wake up at the Butterfield Trail Bunkhouse.

Trego - Butterfield Trail Bunkhouse1

Built on shaded farmland eleven miles south of WaKeeney, the Butterfield Trail Bunkhouse is perfectly suited for hunters who want to wake up “in the field.” Owners William and Donna Deines have created a rustic retreat that puts you right in the center of beautiful landscape next to the Smoky Hill River and only five miles west from Cedar Bluff Reservoir’s Cove 3. With its proximity so close to a major water source, it’s positioned just right to be one of the best spots for catching that trophy-sized buck.

Trego - Butterfield Trail Bunkhouse3 2015-09-15 19.39.53

The land is still part of the Deines’s very active cattle and grain farm, but they’ve set aside several hundred acres for hunters who come from across the United States to experience the famously abundant hunting seasons found in Trego County. You can expect to see mule and whitetail deer, pheasant, and quail flourishing in the short bluffs, riverbeds, and sloping hillsides of this beautiful land where the Butterfield Overland Despatch brought pioneers to Trego County (Look for the B.O.D. sign post located right on their property!)

Trego - Butterfield Trail Bunkhouse

When you stay at the Bunkhouse you’ll wake up to a full breakfast, with homemade bread, pancakes or cinnamon rolls, farm fresh eggs, fruit, and one of a selection of breakfast meats. It’ll fill you up before you head out into the field. The Bunkhouse is completely self-sufficient for up to four guests, with a full bath and fully equipped kitchen, and you can either truck in your own groceries or an evening meal can be provided for an additional charge.

Contact the Butterfield Trail Bunkhouse today to schedule a hunting getaway and experience the great outdoors of Trego County!


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