Spend the Dog Days of Summer at Cedar Bluff State Park

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The sound of waves and a cool breeze—that’s how I like to ride out the last days of summer. Immersed in the great outdoors that will soon be taking its warm embrace south as cold from the North ushers in the Fall.

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One of the best places to enjoy the “dog days of summer” is Trego County’s own Cedar Bluff State Park, where the Smoky Hill River fills up the reservoir and the north and south shores offer boating, camping, trails, and watersports for all your outdoor enthusiasts.

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Bluffton Area – The North Shore Park

Explore Cedar Bluff’s north shore that borders Bluffton Area park, a 350 acre camper’s delight. Areas are set up for group and solo campers, with bathroom facilities nearby.

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Campsites set up for RV camping and cabins are available to rent, or go “old-school” and pitch a tent under the famous Kansas night sky. Shower facilities are on-site so you can choose your style of “roughin’ it” and there are boat ramps, so bring your jet skis, boats and fishing gear. Sandy beaches, basketball courts and trails for biking and hiking are nearby if you want to enjoy some time on solid land, too.

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History buffs will want to visit Threshing Machine Canyon found on the north shore. Originally known as Bluffton Station on the Butterfield Overland Despatch, the station was the site of a Native American attack in 1867 that ended in the deaths of all the men and a fire that destroyed a threshing machine they were delivering to Brigham Young in Salt Lake City. Look for names of other pioneers carved into the canyon’s limestone bluffs dating all the way back to the mid-1800s.

Trego - Cedar Bluff9

Page Creek Area – The South Shore Park

The Page Creek Area found on the south shore is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts, offering more primitive campsites and excellent opportunities for hooking “the one” you’ll be bragging about later. Located near Cedar Bluff’s gorgeous limestone cliffs, Page Creek Area has beautiful views and a quieter camping existence. Wildlife abounds and shade trees offer peaceful places to relax and enjoy the last warm weeks of the year.

Trego - Cedar Bluff15

Don’t forget to check out Agave Trail on the south side of the park for a hike out to the bluffs. The five-mile trail (one mile paved) is an excellent chance for spectacular wildlife sightings and dusk is a great time to watch the sun cast a rainbow of colors upon the white limestone bluffs.

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Don’t let your summer weekends slip away without a trip to Cedar Bluff State Park, Trego County’s natural playground!

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